100% Virus Proof
Identity Theft Proof
View all of your files and contacts
Access from any computer
Compatible with all Cell phones
Works with all PDA’s
PalmTreo, Blackberry Compatible
All file formats accepted
Works with Apple systems
Remote file sharing
Master Back up data files
Directories for Organization
Password protected
Unix based system high security
Virtual Network Features
Easy to use menus
Upload from virtually anywhere


Vdata Virtual Private Cloud is the perfect virtual office solution that allows you to view or edit your address book, scheduler, pictures, word documents or files from any Computer, PDA or Cell phone regardless of the brand. It’s fast and easy to use. It’s like having your own Personal Private Cloud Network to transfer important data files to all of your computers or mobile devices. It also is a master backup in case your computer or cell phone crashes. If you lose your Cell phone or change to a different service provider no problem. Just log in to your Vdata Virtual Private Cloud account and view all of your contacts. No more reprogramming. No software to buy. No confusing docking hardware or syncing your PDA. Just open an account and away you go!

All Format Compatibility:
Do you own or use a Cell phone, PDA, Laptop, Home or Business Computer? Vdata Virtual Private Cloud is compatible with all brands of Cell phones, PDA’s, Windows, Apple, and Linux systems.

Lost Data:
When your Computer or Cell Phone crashes-and it will at some point, what will you do? You bring your computer or Cell Phone into the shop for repairs only to find out that all your files are gone. With Vdata Virtual Private Cloud, once your computer or Cell Phone is repaired, you simply download your files back into your computer or view them on your Cell phone. No lost files!

Catastrophic Event:
What happens when your home is hit with a natural disaster? Everything is lost. Vdata Virtual Private Cloud is the only solution for any catastrophic event. Simply login from any online computer, and all of your important files and pictures will still be safe.

Identity Theft Proof:
We all hear repeatedly in the news how more Laptops; PDA’s and Cell phones are stolen with sensitive data files lost to identity theft. Using Vdata Virtual Private Cloud completely eliminates this horrible crime. Once you setup a Vdata Virtual Private Cloud account, you then can upload all of your files to a safe and secure environment that only you have access to. Basically turning your Computer, PDA, and Cell phone into a view-editor only. If your Laptop, PDA or Cell phone are lost or stolen you can be assured that your data files are safe and secure inside your Vdata Virtual Private Cloud account. 

High Security:
Vdata Virtual Private Cloud is secure using multiple Unix based computers behind a 3-layered firewall system that performs a once a day backup of itself to 3 separate backup computers for proven redundancy. Vdata Virtual Cloud is password protected. Nobody-not even Vdata Virtual Cloud employees-can see your data.

Virus Proof:
Vdata Virtual Private Cloud is 100% virus proof. A virus is a hidden program running on your computer destroying your data files. If you were to find this hidden virus program, which is just about impossible, you would then have to deliberately select this virus file and load it into Vdata Virtual Cloud. Even if that were the case the virus would then be in a non-working state. Vdata’s Virtual Cloud system would not allow the virus to run itself and destroy any data files. The virus would be frozen in time. Vdata Virtual Cloud is 100% virus proof.

Patented Cloud System:
Vdata Virtual Cloud System is one of the very first patented Cloud systems on the Internet that is completely customizable for business. Protected by multiple pioneer patents the Vdata Virtual Cloud system is a leader in Cloud Technology,  Web3.0 and HTML5.  

Virtual Office Features:
Vdata Virtual Private Cloud has a built in calendar, appointment scheduler, address book, daily task pad and reminder system that can e-mail you important events and remote file sharing features along with a complete back up of all your data files. Using Vdata’s Virtual Private Cloud networking features eliminates the chore of backing up your files.

Vdata Virtual Private Cloud saves you time and money from missed obligations. Example: Driver’s license renewal, annual payments that can be missed and birthdays just to name a few.

It’s your responsibility to keep up with the many obligations, regardless of whether you are notified. You are still held responsible.

Vdata Virtual Private Cloud is the only solution for this growing problem of today. Sign up now and never miss an important event or lose critical data tomorrow. 


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